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We always take the safety of guests seriously and Covid-19 (Coronavirus) can be very serious for some people.

Varis is basically a domestic environment and we continue to maintain a high standard of cleaning managed by Elizabeth, who is a professional cook in her ‘other life’.  But we have removed some less essential soft surfaces so I hope you forgive a more minimalist vibe than our norm. 

Your check in is already self service and we send guests full details before arrival.

We want to minimise the risk of any infection being brought into the house and need your help.

Staying well

Please take off your shoes either in the front lobby or utility room.  Bring slippers! 

Please wash your hands on arrival and before you leave the house (in addition to the hand washing you are already doing).  There is plenty of handwash and towels. 

We’ve provided an additional supply of towels to our norm in a laundry hamper in the utility room.  Do swap out towels as often as you wish but we’d appreciate you doing a self service wash and dry as you go, to replenish the hamper.    Remember to wash your hands before handling laundry.  You are welcome to also wash your clothes. 

When out and about, take every reasonable opportunity to wash your hands, particularly before eating and drinking.   I know some local eateries are insisting on people washing their hands before sitting down. 

How safe is Varis and the Highlands?

Varis is basically a domestic environment and while we are confident of a high standard of cleaning, it can not be a sterile environment.  It should be safer than most other public spaces and the wonderful outdoors that is the main reason for most visits should be safe.  But you need to make an informed decision about your stay. 

So – how well are you?

Please, if you are unwell, or know you have been exposed to Covid-19, don’t travel.  We will happily rearrange your booking for later and give full credit. 

If you are well, please take up your booking and enjoy our wonderful environment.  It’ll be good for your body and soul. 

If you become unwell during your stay or for a week after you leave, tell us immediately. While you are at Varis, we will work out the best course of action.   If previous guests become unwell, I will tell you and tell you what actions have been taken so you can make an informed decision on your stay. 

Enjoy your stay – safely

Be Welcome – Be Well